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--Samuel Johnson

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10 stars

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch

AR: 3.9
Lexile: 550
by Eileen Spinelli     Illus. by Paul Yalowitz
Normal-length Picture Book
Genre: Fiction

Mr. Hatch is a quiet, lonely man until one day he receives a huge box of chocolates with a note: "Somebody loves you." But Mr. Hatch doesn?t know who sent it (it was a "secret admirer") so he starts to "look around" to see if he can notice who it could have been. He meets his neighbors makes lots of friends (he was actually a pretty nice guy). But then, something happens!! I don't want to tell you what because it will ruin the surprise. But rest assured, this book will have you cheering at the end!

This is one of my favorite books ever! It is definitely the best Valentine's Day book ever! You need to read it. If it doesn't move you emotionally then you must be dead! Don't wait for February to roll around. Read it NOW! Right now!

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