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6 stars

The Lambkins

AR: 3.7
Lexile: 580
RC: 3.6
by Eve Bunting
Normal Length Novel
Genre: Adventurous Fantasy Fiction

Kyle Wilson, ninth grader, has been captured by a crazy old lady. What's worse is that she has injected him with a formula that has caused him to shrink to the size of an 8-inch doll. Now, he and the other residents of her dollhouse must try to find some way to escape, but it won't be easy!

This is a fairly fast-moving adventure book that is even kind of scary at a couple points. I would have liked a little more character development, but Ms. Bunting, wisely, gave us just enough backstory on each character to make them interesting enough to care about. More personal details would have slowed down this adventure. Though the end is a little flat and kind of abrupt, it does get pretty tense there for a while. For fans of scary books and adventure books.

Tags: horror, escape,
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- 11/01/2011
I really think that this summary or review that you wrote or typed, explains the main part about what this book is about but, maybe if i didn\'t read the book and i was to ask a question saying what the old lady\'s name was or , was it just a secret i would want to know the name probably or what she was going to do with them? So maybe you should include jjust a little be to this.

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