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6 stars

Battle of the Bands

AR: 3.6
Lexile: 630
RC: 4.5
by K. L. Denman
Short Novel
Genre: Realistic Fiction

Jay and his friends Kelvin and Cia are high-schoolers who have a garage band called The Lunar Ticks. They are the best rock band in their school, but Indigo Daze and their hot lead guitarist, Rowan, are giving them serious competition. To make matters worse, Jay is kinda starting to fall for Rowan, and he is also having a major hard time coming up with a good new song. Then, during the battle of the bands contest, somebody thrashes Rowan's guitar, and Jay and his friends are accused of trying to cheat. 

This high interest book is pretty good and really easy to read. The chapters are short and the action moves along. There's a little bit where Jay (who's narrating) gets into his head, but it doesn't last long and it helps the story so it's no biggie. There were a couple references that I thought teens might not get, like Jay mentions a Roger Waters bass line and Kel has a Green Day ringtone. I'm not sure that you guys listen to Pink Floyd (Roger Waters's group) or Green Day. Green Day was first formed before you were born (1987) and your grandparents (if they were cool) listened to Pink Floyd! But, actually, both of these references came in the same sentence and weren't important to the story. Liked it!

Read an excerpt. You can actually read more than 30 pages of the book through this link!

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