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9 stars

Artemis Fowl

AR: 5
Lexile: 600
RC: 6.2
by Eoin Colfer
Normal-length Novel
Genre: Adventurous Fantasy Fiction
Artemis Fowl #1

Artemis Fowl is a 12-year-old genius who also happens to be the son of the boss of a powerful crime syndicate. When his dad goes missing, Artemis makes a plan to get money to pay for a search for his father. His plan involves catching a leprechaun and taking its gold! But it's not as easy as it sounds...

This is a funny, clever book with lots of adventure. I really enjoyed reading this one, although the whole thing about his family being involved in crime kind of turns me off. But Artemis is really clever and he doesn't hurt anyone directly (except for that "stealing the gold" stuff) so ....eh...I guess it's okay that he's the "hero" of the story. Probably "protagonist" is a better word here. (Look it up!) Anyway, if you enjoy adventure and/or fantasy, you will most likely enjoy this modern twist on the world of fairies, trolls, and other magical creatures. Highly recommended! (I took one star away because of the whole crime thing.)

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